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Melon-headed whale

melon headed whale

Scientific Name: Peponocephala electra
Other Names: Many-toothed Blackfish, Electra Dolphin
Length: 7-9 ft. (2.1-2.7 m.)
Weight: approx. 355 lbs. (160 kg.)
Teeth: 84-100

At a great distance, melon-headed whales are difficult to distinguish from pygmy killer whales. Pygmy killer whales possess a larger white patch on their undersides than the melon-headed whales. They are know to jump completely out of the water while they swim and bow ride. In captivity they seem to incite fear reactions in other dolphins (in some cases), however, this species may associate with fraser's dolphins and cetaceans such as the spinner dolphins. This species is also know to strand in large numbers.