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Luc Besson was born in Paris, in 1959. His parents were diving instructors. He lived near the mediterranean all his childhood, in between Greece and Yougoslavia. At the age of 10, he had a surface encounter with a dolphin. He swam with it...He studied dolphins and came to love their simple lifestyle; eat, play and make love.
A dolphin doesn't know aggression, and if caught in a fisher's net, he will let himself die instead of just slashing the net with a swat of its tailfin.
Luc Besson first encountered Jacques Mayol when an italian underwater-film maker showed a film of Mayol, diving 92 meters with just one breath of air. He said he had tears in his eyes and couldn't close his mouth the whole time of the dive. That's when "The Big Blue" first entered his mind. His love for the sea......

Luc Besson dreamt for ten years of making a film about his passion for the sea. Finally his dream has come true. With his team of 210 people, he filmed for nine months in Sicily, the Virgin Islands, Greece, Peru and the United States.
The result is a triumphant story of love, frienship and passion.
A magical journey enhanced by Eric Serra's hypnotic music.

- The Fifth Element-1996
- The professional-1994

- Atlantis-1991

- La Femme Nikita-1990 

- The big blue-1988

- Subway-1985                                
- The last battle-1983
Facts and credits


- Released in 1988 by Gaumont

- English dialogue

- French version: 134 minutes

- European version: 118 minutes

- U.S. version: 119 minutes

- Long version: 168 minutes


Produced by                    Patrice Ledoux/Gaumont

Directed by                      Luc Besson

Story written by               Luc Besson

Screenplay by                 Luc Besson & Roger Garland

Music composed by         Eric Serra

Executive producer         Les Films Du Loup

Director of photography  Carlo Varini

Johana Baker                 Rosanna Arquette

Jacques Mayol               Jean-Marc Barr

Enzo Molinari                 Jean Reno

Laurence                        Paul Shenar

Novelli                            Sergio Castellitto

Uncle Louis                    Jean Bouise

Roberto                          Marc Duret

Duffy                               Griffin Dunne

and many more.........

The Big Blue,
The infinite sea, a sea so deep you can no longer see the surface.
No coral, no tropical fish, no fine sand, nothing but blue..........
Don't lose yourself in the big blue.
Just love it, feel and enjoy it.
Watch the movie and find out for yourself what i mean!